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SEO Training Course in Meerut

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique to prioritize the website and improve its search engine ranking. SEO pertains to the visibility of the website. SEO is to make a particular website more relevant according to search engine so as to get high traffic. SEO helps in business propelling. SEO is an activity of using proper phrases in the content and in proper format so that website can be found by the search engines. SEO for a particular web page should bring out the theme of that page.

Each website is ranked and displayed in the search engine according to the relevancy they possess. The two important things which decide the website relevancy are:
    · Effective Content
    · Quality Links.

SEO is the internet marketing strategy used by small as well as large business.

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SEO Course Syllabus

Introduction to Web
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to Search Engine

SEO Basics
    Search Engine working
    Market Perception
    User Prediction
    Universal search
    Follower Base
    Keyword Selection
    Potential Clients
    Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers
    Search Engine Loophole
    White Hat SEO
    Grey Hat SEO
    Black Hat SEO
    SEO Spam
    Benefits of SEO

Optimization Techniques
    On-page optimization
        · Static and dynamic websites
        · Content Development
        · Content Optimization
        · Page Optimization
        · Page Stickiness
        · Site Optimization
        · Content Rules
        · Keyword Spell
        · Keyword Density
        · Title Tag
        · Deck Relevancy
        · Meta Tag
        · Meta Description
        · Heading Tags
        · Anchor Tag
        · URL Structure
        · URL Parameters
        · Image Optimization
        · Movie Insertion
        · Animation Insertion
        · PDF Optimization
        · CSS Optimization
        · Navigation Bar
        · GIFs Optimization
        · Footer Optimization
        · Banner Optimization
        · Captcha Validation
        · Sitemap Creation
        · W3C Validation
    Off-page optimization
        · Link Building
        · Cross-Linking
        · Outbound and Inbound Links
        · Link Exchange
        · Link Baiting
        · Trading (free links, paid links)
        · Local Listings
        · Widget / Gadget Development
        · Search Engine Submission
        · Directory Submission
        · Blogging
        · Article Submission
        · Social Bookmarking
        · Forum Posting
        · Classified Submission
        · Video Submission
        · Review Writing
        · Question and Answers
        · Document Sharing

SEO Barriers
    POP ups
    Dynamic URLs
    Images vs. Text

SEO Advanced
    Link Cloaking
    Domain Name Picking
    URL Renaming
    URL Redirecting

SEO Tools
    Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Page Speed Online
    Google Algorithms
        · Mobilegeddon
        · Hummingbird
        · Caffeine
        · Panda
        · Penguin
    Broken Link Checker
    SEO Centro
    Woo Rank
    Magestic SEO
    SEO Quake
    W3C Validator


SEO Training Duration
Weekdays Mon-Fri 1.5 hrs/day 1 month
Weekends Sat-Sun 3 hrs/day 1 month

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