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Python Training Course

Python is a general purpose high level programming language. Python is a platform-independent and powerful object oriented programming language. Code readability with less coding involved is one of the most important characteristic of Python. Automatic memory management also features Python very well.

Python is used in different domains out of which some are listed below:
            · Web Programming
            · Network Programming
            · Software development
            · Scientific computing
            · GUI library

Python is easy to use and freely available programming language.

python training institute in meerut
Python Training Syllabus

Introduction to Python
Python Installation
Variables and Objects
Conditional statements and Expressions
Functions in Python
Loops in Python
Operators and Operator Precedence
Regular Expressions
Classes in Python
String Methods
Containers in Python
Database Configuration
Dates and Times in Python
File Handling in Python
Modules in Python
Errors and Debugging
Working with Web Data
    · HTML
    · XML
    · JSON
    · Internet Data
Application Development in Python

Python Training Duration
Weekdays Mon-Fri 1.5 hrs/day 1 month
Weekends Sat-Sun 3 hrs/day 1 month

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