HTML - CSS Training Course

HTML is the acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, used to create web pages. Basic layout of the website is created with the help of HTML. HTML uses tags to organize the data to be displayed on the web browser. The small chunks of data along with the associated tags are called HTML elements. HTML is a web publishing language.

CSS is the acronym for Cascaded Style Sheets. CSS is a plain text file used with HTML for formatting the HTML elements. CSS is used to give more styling to web pages. Using CSS, the web page manipulation becomes easier. CSS is the choice of today's modern web developers to present the data in a good manner.

strong>Dreamweaver is a web development software. It is a WYSIWYG editor program that helps step-by-step to check the progress while developing a website and has a good file management feature for large websites.

HTML / CSS Course Syllabus

Introduction to Web
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to Dreamweaver

    Page creation
    Page Testing
    Image insertion
    Table insertion
    Text Addition
    Editing code

    HTML Formatting Elements
    HTML Attributes
    Div tag

    Introduction to CSS
        · CSS Overview
    Creating stylesheet
    Type of stylesheet
        · Linking stylesheet to HTML Document
    CSS Sector
        · Class
        · Id
    Creating Headings
    Heading Hierarchy
    Images Manipulation
    Color Manipulation
    Background Settings
    Coding Navigation
    HTML Forms Decoration
    Designing Data Tables
    Rounded Corner Making
    Tables Creation
    Styling Links
    Styling Lists
    Logical Layout
    Page Definition

HTML5 / CSS3 Training Duration
Weekdays Mon-Fri 1.5 hrs/day 2 weeks
Weekends Sat-Sun 3 hrs/day 3 weeks

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