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Software Testining Training Course in Meerut

Software testing is a process to determine the quality of a software product or service and the technique of executing a program or application with the purpose of finding errors and obtaining information about the quality of the software product or service.
It also provides an independent view and objective of the software and gives surety of fitness of the software. It involves testing of all components under the required services to confirm that whether it is satisfying the specified requirements or not. The process is also providing the client with information about the quality of the software.
Software testing is a process of identifying the correctness of software by considering its all attributes (Reliability, Scalability, Portability, Re-usability, Usability) and evaluating the execution of software components to find the software bugs or errors or defects.
Software testing methods are strategies used to test a software product or service to make sure it performs and behaves as desired. These software testing methods are used by quality assurance professionals to ensure the development process Leads to a successful software release.

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Software Testing Course Syllabus

Introduction of Software Testing

Software Development Life Cycle
    Waterfall Model
    Incremental Model
    Prototype Model
    V&V Model

    Level of Testing
        · Unit Testing
        · Integration Testing
        · System Testing
        · User Acceptance Testing
    Types of Functional Testing
        · Smoke Testing
        · Sanity Testing
        · Exploratory Testing
        · User Interface Testing
        · Alpha Testing
        · Beta Testing
        · API Testing
        · Production Testing
        · Component Testing
    Types of Non-Functional Testing
        · Accessibility Testing
        · Compliance Testing
        · Configuration Testing
        · Load Testing
        · Performance Testing
        · Portability Testing
        · Stress Testing
        · Usability Testing
        · Security Testing
        · Volume Testing
        · Scalability Testing
        · Compatibility Testing
    Test Management Tools
        · Bugzilla
        · Jira
    Software Testing Life Cycle
    End to End Testing
    Static & Dynamic Testing
    Cross Browser Testing
    Frontend & Backend Testing
    Web & Desktop Application Testing
    Localization & Globalization Testing
    Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    Test Case Scenario
    Introduction to Mobile Application Testing
    Introduction to Database Testing
    Basic Knowledge of MySQL
    Live Project Session – Practical Learning
    Mock Interviews with Live Sessions

Introduction to Automation Testing

Automation Testing
    What is Automation Testing?
    Why we Switch to Automation Testing?
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing?
    Automation Testing Tools

        · Introduce to Selenium
        · Advantages & Disadvantages of Selenium
        · What all OS, Browsers, and Programming Language it supports?
        · Java-Selenium Architecture
        · WebDriver Architecture
        · Components of Selenium
    Important Java for Selenium
        · Why preferred Java for Selenium?
        · How much required Java for Selenium?
    Fundamentals of Java
        · Environment setup of Java
        · Structure of Java Program
        · Examples of Java Programming
        · Comments in Java
        · Data Types of Java
        · Modifiers of Java
        · Variables of Java
        · Operators in Java
        · Java Conditional Statements
        · Loop Statements of Java
        · String Handling in Java
        · Input & Output Operations
        · Java Arrays
        · File Handling in Java
    Java Object oriented Programming
        · Java Interfaces
        · Inheritance
        · Polymorphism
        · Abstraction
        · Encapsulation
    Overview of Java API’s
    Object, Class, String Buffer & Builder
    Wrapper Classes, Garbage Collector
    Exception Handing, Data Structure
    Threads and Multithreading
    Java Collections
    What is Automation Testing?
    Handling Elements
        · Handling Browser
        · Handling Edit Box
        · Handling Text Area, Error Message
        · Handling Window Popup
        · Handling Button
        · Handling Images
        · Handling Link
        · Handling Radio Button
        · Handling Drop Down Box
        · Handling Check Box
        · Handling Web & HTML Table
        · Handling Frames
        · Handling Mouse Hover
        · Cross Brower Testing
        · Taking Screenshot
    Batch Testing
    Data Driven Testing
    Page Object Model
    TestNG Testing Framework
    Cucumber Testing Framework
    CI/CD Pipe Line
    Maven, Git/GitHub, Jenkins
    Agile Methodology
    Practical Live Project on Selenium
    Provide Interview Questions with Answers
    Mock interview with live session

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Weekends Sat-Sun 3 hrs/day 1 month

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