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Training:   Raretag provides training of the courses dealing with the web. The training at Raretag is completely online so as to analyze the results in a more realistic way and for better understanding of the technology.
Web Designing:  Web Designing refers creating markups. It refers to the client side designing of the website i.e. designing the user interfaces of the web pages. The creator of the website is known as Web Designer.
Web Hosting Training Schedule

Web Hosting


1.5 Hrs/Day
1 Week

3 Hrs/Day
1 Week
Web Hosting Course Description

      Web Hosting is the service provided by the internet hosting companies, to allow spaces for the websites to reside in, to make them online and available on world wide web.

      Web hosting is of two types:
            · Shared
            · Dedicated.

      Shared Web Hosting allows multiple websites to be placed on a single server and is cost effective. Dedicated Web Hosting is for large businesses and is highly expensive. Some companies allow free hosting for websites.

      Web server provides uninterrupted connectivity for the 24x7 availablility of the websites. Users can choose thier website to host either on Windows servers or Linux servers.

Web Hosting Training Syllabus

Website Hosting Basics
Domain Name Registration
Web hosting purchase
Configuring DNS
Website upload

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