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Training:   RareTag provides training of the courses dealing with the web. The training at RareTag is completely online so as to analyze the results in a more realistic way and for better understanding of the technology.
Ruby Programming:  Ruby is an open-source dynamic programming language that runs on multiple platforms and focus on productivity & simple style of coding.
Ruby Training Schedule



1.5 Hrs/Day
1.5 Month

3 Hrs/Day
2 Months
Ruby Course Description

      Ruby is a general purpose object oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, a Japanese computer scientist. Ruby is an open-source dynamic programming language with easy to write syntax. Being inspired by Lisp, Perl, Ada, Eiffel and Smalltalk, it supports multiple programming styles including imperative, functional and object-oriented.

      Ruby has an extremely beneficial ecosystem with:
            · Large documentation
            · Great community support
            · Nice frameworks like ROR and Chef.

      Ruby is featured with automatic memory management and dynamic type-checking system. Ruby is a portable as well as a customizable language. With the help of Ruby we can code web apps easily and quickly.

Ruby Training Syllabus

Introduction to Ruby
Ruby Installation
Introduction to OOPs
Classes and Objects
Variable in Ruby
Block, Containers and Iterators
Data Types in Ruby
Exception Handling
Ruby Modules
File Handling
Testing and Debugging
Ruby at Command-Line
Documenting with Rdoc Tool
Ruby Gems and Gem Libraries
Ruby Web Sevices
Ruby Tk Application Development
Ruby Extensions
Ruby for Windows

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