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Training:   RareTag provides training of the courses dealing with the web. The training at RareTag is complete online so as to analyze the results in a more realistic way and for better understanding of the technology.
Web CMS:  Web content management¬† system refers to the management of the text and the layout of the website or already built templates and also working with administrator tools. The professional involved in this field is known as Content manager.
Joomla Training Schedule



1.5 Hrs/Day
1 Month

3 Hrs/Day
1 Month
Joomla Course Description

      Joomla is an open-source easy-to-use content management system. Joomla is a website construction kit. A website can be designed, developed and deployed in Joomla. A large number of extensions are available for Joomla website creation. Joomla also allows to run components that are independent from CMS. Joomla is PHP and MySQL based content management system. Joomla uses reusable components. Joomla is best for community based websites. Joomla also offers functionality to non-developers. Joomla has a large number of users worldwide.

      The main features of Joomla are:
            · Simple Workflow System
            · Good Menu System
            · Strong Static Page Structure
            · WYSIWYG Editor for Content
            · SEO-Friendly URLs.

Joomla Training Syllabus

Introduction to Content Management System
Introduction to Joomla
Introduction to WAMP
WAMP Installation
Joomla Installation
Login to the Joomla Administrator
Joomla Overview
Joomla Customization and Content Management
    · Control Panel
    · User Panel
    · Media Manager
    · Global Configuration
    · Menu Manager
    · Main Menu
    · User Menu
    · Top Menu
    · Article Manager
    · Section Manager
    · Category Manager
    · Front Page Manager
    · Banner
    · Contacts
    · News Feeds
    · Polls
    · Search
    · Web Links
    · Install/Uninstall
    · Module Manager
    · Plugin Manager
    · Template Manager
    · Language Manager
    · Read Messages
    · Write Messages
    · Mass Mail
    · Global Check-in
    · Clean Cache
    · Purge Expired Cache
Joomla Extensions
Joomla Website Creation
Joomla and FTP

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