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Training:   RareTag provides training of the courses dealing with the web. The training at RareTag is completely online so as to analyze the results in a more realistic way and for better understanding of the technology.
Graphic Designing:  Graphics Designing ¬†refers to the creativity and decoration of website with high quality graphics. The artist of the world ¬†wide web is known a Graphics Designer.
Illustrator Training Schedule



1.5 Hrs/Day
1 Month

3 Hrs/Day
1 Month
Illustrator Course Description

      Illustrator is a vector graphics editing software package. Using Illustrator, high quality graphics can be created. Illustrator provides more professional and effective design. Illustrator is a highly user-friendly software. Illustrator is more than just photography manipulation. Illustrator is a software designed for the artists. Illustrator is used to create 3D graphics. Illustrator is the topmost priority for graphic designers. Infographic designing is one of the application of Illustrator.

      Illustrator is mainly be used for:
            · Icon Designing
            · Logo Designing
            · Brochure Designing
            · Billboard Designing
            · Signage Designing
            · Business Flier Designing.

Illustrator Training Syllabus

Illustrator Overview
Illustrator Installation
Workspace Basics
    · Workspace optimization
    · Workspace operations
Tools panel
    · Tool selection
    · Changing pointer
    · Selection tool
    · Drawing tool
    · Type tool
    · Painting tool
    · Reshaping tool
    · Symbolism tool
    · Graph tool
    · Slicing and cutting tool
    · Moving and zooming tool
Templates and files
    · New Document creation
    · Creating templates
    · Opening a file
    · File browsing
Artwork Crop
    · Crop area operations
    · Crop area rulers
    · Crop area options
Artwork View
    · Colour changing
    · Size changing
    · Page tiling
    · Zooming and moving
    · Navigator panel
    · Outlines
    · Multiple window and Preview
    · Changing unit
    · Using grid, guides and smart guides
    · Distance measurement
    · Info panel
Automation, undo and recovery
    · Lines, shapes and flares
    · Pencil tool
    · Pen tool
    · Path editing
    · Artwork tracing
    · Symbols, tools and sets
    · Color Selection
    · Swatches
    · Color groups
    · Color adjustment
    · Color management
    · Color settings
    · Fills and strokes
    · Arrowheads
    · Object selection
    · Creating multiple fills and strokes
Live paint groups
    · Creating
    · Expanding or releasing
    · Selecting and modification
    · Bucket tool
    · Gap closing
    · Brush panel
    · Brush libraries
    · Brush strokes
    · Lines and strokes
    · Removing brush strokes
    · Stokes and outlines
    · Creation and modification of brushes
    · Options
    · Transparency panel
Transparency and artwork
    · Changing opacity of artwork
    · Tranparency knockout
    · Opacity masks
    · Blending modes
Color blends
    · Create pattern swatches
    · Geometric patters
    · Textured patters
    · Brush patterns
    · Pattern modification
Object selection and arrangement
    · Selection
    · Grouping
    · Expanding
    · Moving
    · Aligning
    · Distributing
    · Rotating
    · Reflecting
    · Layers
    · Locking, hiding and deleting objects
    · Stacking objects
    · Duplicating objects
Reshaping objects
    · Transformation
    · Distortion
    · Combination
    · Clipping
    · Blending
    · 3D object creation
Save import and export files
    · Creating and importing
    · Type on path
    · Rotating type
    · Spelling and language
    · Fonts
    · Formatting type
    · Spacing
    · Special characters
    · Line breaks
    · Tabs
    · Paragraph styles
Special effects
    · Filters
    · Shadows
    · Glows
    · Feathering
    · Sketching
    · Changing vector graphics to bitmap
    · Graphic styles
Web Graphics
    · Slicing
    · Image map
    · SVG
    · Creating animations
    · Image optimization
    · Creating graphs
    · Formatting graphs
    · Adding items to graphs
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