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Training:   RareTag provides training of the courses dealing with the web. The training at RareTag is completely online so as to analyze the results in a more realistic way and for better understanding of the technology.
ASP.NET Programming:  ASP.NET is technology used for developing secure web application. Visual Studio is the toolkit that provides the .NET framework for creating ASP.NET applcations.
ASP.NET Training Schedule



1.5 Hrs/Day
1.5 Month

3 Hrs/Day
2 Months
ASP.NET Course Description

      ASP.NET is a product of Microsoft Corporation and is a part of .NET framework. ASP.NET is a web development kit for developing secure online web applications. ASP.NET is an object oriented programming approach.

      ASP.NET is a server side technological strategy for communication with the users. ASP.NET is an excellent web service provider platform. ASP.NET is all .NET framework supporting technology. ASP.NET supports a large number of languages from which a user can choose to code the web application. Developing and deploying ASP.NET applications is easy.

      ASP.NET applications are more reliable than any other applications of same genre. ASP.NET is involves a large number of dynamic tasks like detection of changes, dynamic compilation of files etc. ASP.NET involves less coding. ASP.NET has task-based libraries, so it saves developers time that would otherwise involves extra coding.

ASP.NET Training Syllabus

Introduction to Visual Studio
Fundamentals of ASP.NET
    · .NET Framework
    · .NET Architecture
    · Programming in .NET
    · .NET Framework APIs

Introduction to ASP.NET
    · ASP.NET Concepts
    · Creating Web Services and Web Applications
    · ASP.NET Controls
    · Page Processing
    · State Management

C# Programming
    · Introduction to C#
    · C# Basics
    · Data Types in C#
    · Operators in C#
    · Loops and Control Statements
    · Arrays in C#
    · Object Oriented Programming in C#
    · Classes
    · Objects
    · Methods
    · Inheritance
    · Method Overloading
    · File I/O

ASP.NET MVC Development
ADO.NET Database Connectivity
    · ADO.NET Architecture
    · Data Access
    · Data Binding

ASP.NET Security
ASP.NET and AJAX Controls
ASP.NET with JQuery
ASP.NET and LinQ Tool
WCF - Windows CommunicationFoundation
WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation
Microsoft Silverlight Platform

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