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Training:   RareTag provides training of the courses dealing with the web. The training at RareTag is completely online so as to analyze the results in a more realistic way and for better understanding of the technology.
Graphic Designing:  Graphics Designing ¬†refers to the creativity and decoration of website with high quality graphics. The artist of the world ¬†wide web is known a Graphics Designer.
CorelDraw Training Schedule



1.5 Hrs/Day
1 Month

3 Hrs/Day
1 Month
CorelDraw Course Description

      CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor software package. CorelDraw is not the product of Adobe. CorelDraw is an excellent graphic editing software. CorelDraw is easy to use. CorelDraw is used to produce light-weight files. CorelDraw has a clean interface. CorelDraw possess complete graphic designing kit. CorelDraw comes with a bundle of filters. CorelDraw is basically known for drawing. CorelDraw is popular among all professional and non-professional users.

      CorelDraw is mainly used for:
            · Pamphlet Designing
            · Certificate Designing
            · Business Card Designing
            · Cartoon Designing
            · Logo Designing
            · Sign Designing.

CorelDraw Training Syllabus

CorelDraw Overview
CorelDraw Installation
Lines, shapes, outlines and brushstrokes
    · Drawing lines
        Calligraphic, pressure-sensitive and preset lines
        Formatting lines and outlines
        Copying, converting, and removing outlines
        Multiple line segments
        Spraying objects
        Connector and callout lines
        Dimension lines
    · Drawing shapes
        Rectangles and squares
        Ellipses, circles, arcs, and pie shapes
        Polygons and stars
        Spirals and grids
        Predefined shapes
        Shape recognition
    · Shaping objects
        Selecting and moving nodes
        Manipulating segments
        Adding, removing, joining, and aligning nodes
        Transforming nodes
        Breaking the path
        Mirroring changes
        Skewing and stretching objects
        Smudging and smearing objects
        Roughening objects
        Distortion effects
        Twirl effects
        Cropping, splitting, and erasing objects
        Trimming objects
        Filleting, scalloping, and chamfering corners
        Welding and intersecting objects
        PowerClip objects
Symbols, and layers
    · Layers
        Creating layers
        Layer properties
        Moving and copying layers and objects
    · Symbols
        Creating, editing, and deleting symbols
        Symbols in drawings
        Managing collections and libraries
    · Linking and embedding objects
    · Managing projects
        Project database
        Assigning and copying object data
        Viewing an object data
Color and fills
    · Color
        Color models
        Color depth
        Document palette
        Color palettes
        Creating and editing
        Organizing and displaying
        Palette libraries
    · Filling objects
        Uniform, fountain fills, pattern and texture fills
        PostScript texture fills
        Mesh fills
        Fills to areas
    · Color management
        Installing, loading, and embedding color profiles
        Assigning color profiles
        Converting colors to other color profiles
        Choosing color-conversion settings
        Soft proofing
        Color management presets and policies
        Safe CMYK workflow
Special effects
    · Changing the transparency of objects
        Merge modes
    · Using lenses with objects
        Applying lenses
        Editing lenses
    · Adding 3D effects to objects
        Contouring objects
        Applying perspective to objects
        Extrusions, bevel effects and drop shadows
        Blending objects
    · Adding and manipulating text
        Importing and pasting text
        Artistic text
        Paragraph text
        Columns to text frames
        Paragraph text frames
        Baseline grid
        Selecting text
        Finding, editing, and converting text
        Shifting, rotating, mirroring, and flipping text
        Moving text
        Wrapping text
        Fitting text to a path
        Embedding graphics and adding special characters
        Working with legacy text
    · Formatting text
        Typefaces and fonts
        Formatting characters
        Text color
        Kerning a range of characters
        Text case
        OpenType features
        Character and word spacing
        Line and paragraph spacing
        Adding bullets
        Drop caps
        Character position and angle
        Aligning text
        Tabs and indents
        Text styles
        Hyphenating text
        Formatting codes
        Displaying nonprinting characters
    · Managing fonts
        Substituting fonts
        Previewing and identifying fonts
        Bitstream Font Navigator
    · Writing tools
        Spelling checker and Grammatik
        Checking styles
        Rule classes
        Word lists
        Checking statistics
Templates and styles
    · Working with templates
        Using templates
    · Styles and style sets
        Creating, Applying and Editing style sets
        Object properties
        Exporting and importing
        Assigning keyboard shortcuts
        Finding objects
        Breaking the link
    · Color styles
Pages and layout
    · Working with pages and layout tools
        Specifying the page layout
        Page background
        Adding, duplicating, renaming, and deleting pages
        Inserting page numbers
        Rulers, grid and guidelines
    · Tables
        Adding tables to drawings
        Selecting, moving, and navigating table components
        Inserting and deleting table rows and columns
        Resizing table cells, rows, and columns
        Formatting tables and cells
        Text in tables
        Converting tables to text
        Merging and splitting tables and cells
        Manipulating tables
        Adding images, graphics, and backgrounds to tables
        Importing tables
    · Working with bitmaps
        Converting vector graphics to bitmaps
        Importing bitmaps
        Cropping bitmaps
        Dimensions and resolution of bitmaps
        Straightening bitmaps
        Digimarc watermarks to identify bitmaps
        Removing dust and scratch marks from bitmaps
        Special effects
        Color and tone
        Tone Curve filter
    · Bitmap color modes
Web graphics
    · Object creation
        Exporting bitmaps
        Saving and applying Web presets
        Exporting objects with transparent colors and backgrounds
        Creating rollovers
        Bookmarks and hyperlinks
        Hotspots and alternate text
    · Exporting to HTML
        Setting preferences
        Creating Web-compatible text
        Previewing and verifying files
        Exporting to HTML
    · File formats
        Importing files
        Exporting files
    · Exporting to PDF
    · Office productivity applications
    · Supported file formats
    · CorelDraw Customization
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